The 2 Worst Breaches of 2015

The breaches of the infidelity online dating service Ashley Madison and toymaker VTech illustrate how cyber intrusions got worse in 2015, thanks to organizations failing to secure private information. via RSS Syndication

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2016 Breach Prevention: Time to Purge Data

Expect rebooted European Union data privacy rules to drive organizations worldwide to begin minimizing the amount of information they collect and store on individuals in 2016, both to protect privacy as well as minimize the impact of data breaches. via […]

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Ukrainian Power Grid: Hacked

Blackouts Tied to Malware Attack Against Power ProviderA power blackout that recently affected about 1.4 million Ukrainians has been tied to an espionage Trojan called BlackEnergy. The attack appears to be the first time that hackers have successfully used malware […]

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