Achieving Advanced Threat Resilience: Best Practices for Protection, Detection and Correction

Most organisations are at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting against cyberattacks. They still rely on a variety of point tools, most of which don’t integrate well with one another and leave gaping holes in their overall security. Moreover, they lack insight into their security posture, making it difficult to prioritise and remediate against threats.

In short, organisations need to move from a security posture that relies on detection and notification to one that comprises protection against threats, detection of potential threats and correction of these targeted attacks to minimise the damage they can cause. Mo Cashman, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Intel Security, will describe the steps organisations need to take to eliminate gaps and improve their resilience against today’s advanced threats.

In this exclusive webinar, Cashman will also discuss:

  • The components of advanced threat lifecycles;
  • Why automation capabilities are essential to any advanced threat defense;
  • How your SIEM and Intel Active Response Technology can work together to optimise endpoint threat detection and response.

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