Are you in the UAE? Do you know Sukuk Express?


Well as we know people in the UAE might be richer as the common people living elsewhere on our lovely planet.

Rich people sometimes need a gold coin or even a gold bar on-the-fly.

Probably you have read about the gold dispensing ATMs in the UAE already.

But hey, wait you just wonder what to do with the Dh20.000 you just found in your dinner jacket?

Thanks to the National Bonds Corporation there is now a solution to your question:

Buy bonds!

You might say “Nah” I don’t want to go to my private bank and see my teller now – anyway it is already 10PM and they are closed now!

This is the moment when a smile appears on your face: You are just thinking about the Sukuk Express!

You can dump your cash into the machine which is looking like an ordinary ATM and buy some bonds! So no need to get another headache about the Dh20.000 in cash you are carrying around.

The Sukuk Express machine will even print out a certificate and credit your deposited cash directly to the account of the bondholder.

Convenient way of getting rid of cash in an interesting way.

To make it easy for you the company has deployed 1000 Sukuk Express machines nearly all over the UAE.

But remember to check one dinner jacket per night for forgotten cash – the daily limit for buying bonds at the Sukuk Express ist Dh20.000…