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Sixty-eight percent of consumers visited a branch in June 2013, according to the Boston-based research firm Celent.

Branch transformation is helping to protect your investment in the classical brick-and-morter branch.

Banks like to reduce the staff but to enhance the service at the same moment. A VTM is operated by special staff sitting in a call center and helps to prolong the opening hours.

It seems that digital signature and identification of a customer is important to them. The VTM can do this. The customer can scan the ID card / passport, print out A4 contracts and sign & scan them. If necessary a VTM can even dispense cards.

A new member in the growing family of retail bank branch transformation solutions from GRGBanking is the I70 STM Smart Teller Machine.

  • One to many concept.
  • One teller can assist more than one customer at the same time.
  • The teller can switch between the customers screens.
  • Co-browsing helps the teller to support the customers.
  • Ad / info push to the customers screen helps in explaining or selling financial products.
  • This is ideal for assisting customers who want to get some problems with their account solved.