Do you accept Swatch pay?

Swatch mobile payment solution with NFC

Maybe this will a question the (some of the) customers of Swatch will ask in the future when it comes to paying a bill. Everybody knows about Apple Pay but soon there will be a new player on the market […]

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Digital banking and security

Digital banking security

Digital banking and security. More digital banking means a higher need for digital security. Do you think banks are ready to manage this? Looking at the recent data breaches I have doubts about that. Sometimes even standard security rules are […]

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The benefit of using VTMs in your bank

Brand & market visibility Migration of branch services in a cost-effective way Extend beyond banking hour – 24/7 coverage More footprint to penetrate new customer base Increase revenue by value-added services & promotion opportunity Enhance customer experience & loyalty Real-time […]

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Advantages of Video Teller Machines

Imagine the possibilities of two-way-video with remote tellers enabling your customers to talk to a teller by video. Video banking and remote transaction processing helps increasing the transaction speed without the need for a physical branch. By taking ATM technology […]

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Examples of how and where to use a VTM

The VTM is a good solution for branch transformation, micro branches and flagship branches. If you read the result of surveys how the participating banks think about the future of branches then I see the VTM fitting quite well to […]

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