Digital Signage and Video Teller Machines

Are you using digital signage in your bank?

If yes, are you using the screens of ATMs a digital signage tool?

More and more banks are using digital signage to display dynamic content such as forex rates or stock data.

Displaying financial products from their portfolio is increasing the brand awareness of those.

Think about the two 21.5″ screens of the GRG I60 Video Teller Machine. The upper one is perfect for a use as digital signage media.

When the VTM is in self service mode you will have the full ad space of the huge screen at your disposal.

Even in the teller assisted mode you can use the screen during idle times for digital signage.

You should be aware of these facts when doing the TCO calculation for the sum to invest into a Video Teller Machine.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about the Video Teller Machine as a Digital Signage tool.

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Are you using the screens of ATMs as a digital signage tool?

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