How can the Video Teller Machine solution help your bank?


Here is a bullet point list to help you to better understand and communicate the Virtual / Video Teller Machine solution

  • Cut operational costs
  • Easily gain new customers. Very low customer acquisition cost (CAC) in comparison with classical marketing methods
  • Queue breaker (Tellers do not need to waste their time with standard operations)
  • Go where the customer is
  • Put a Video Teller Machine in a vestibule inside shopping malls (Sell consumer credits)
  • Deploy Video Teller Machines in office buildings
  • Create mini-branches on university campuses
  • Cross selling by routing the customers request to the dedicated expert
    • Mortgages
    • Insurances
  • Marketplace solutions
  • Test-drive locations with mini-branches to see if a brick-and-mortar branch makes sense
  • Rapidly enlarge your footprint with mini-branches
  • Prolong your opening hours when the branch is already closed
  • Give the machine-only retail bank branches a human touch
  • Offer the possibility to start a video conference support call to a remote teller to solve problems