Me and IM bots

Me and IM botsInstant Messenger Banking

Since the times of BITNET Relay, also known as the Inter Chat Relay Network and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) I am interested in bots residing in such networks. In the book More BASIC Computer Games (published 1979) I found the BASIC code of Eliza (by Joseph Weizenbaum, Jeff Shrager, Steve North) and hacked it into my VC-20 (VIC-20 is an 8-bit home computer which was sold by Commodore Business Machines).

You can see that I am in the topic since quite a while.

But only now, in 2016 we can observe a massive breakthrough for IM (instant messenger) bots being finally discovered by the actual market giants such as facebook (WhatsApp) and the fb messenger, Skype, telegram, google etc.

There is a (sudden) rush towards bots to be used in (mostly) every industry which has a relation with customers. If it is a pizza service, taxi company like uber or even banks (IM bot banking) – everyone wants IM bots now and there are several startups presenting Chat Banking solutions already.

Since my first steps with bots as described before I have not been too intense into developing but now my dormant love for creating with code has woken up and I am am in Python (well still a newbie). I am experimenting with Python driven telegram messenger bots and it is fun with a link to real business.

As written above the big players opened up their APIs for bots and I would like to learn more about them and to discuss this hot topic with other enthusiasts.

I know of course that there are killer feature approaches using the now also very hip AI which can be put into live by the biggest playes only and I do not want to create this by myself… It is just a hands-on, learning-by-doing thing.

I am looking forward to interesting exchanges here or elsewhere (contact me)  and warmly invite everybody who is in IM bots in any way to join and to connect.

Happy coding!