How people are finding us on google

It is always interesting to check the logs and to see, how the surfers out there are finding their way to This time we want to share with you the list of the most important keywords. The search engine […]

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Commerzbank’s “Videokasse” VTM


Commerzbank’s “Videokasse” VTM (Video Teller Machine) project was awarded the Banking IT Innovation Award 2014 by CC Sourcing (Competence Center in the financial industry). The VTM of the bank which is the 2nd largest retail bank in Germany, is supplied […]

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Examples of how and where to use a VTM

The VTM is a good solution for branch transformation, micro branches and flagship branches. If you read the result of surveys how the participating banks think about the future of branches then I see the VTM fitting quite well to […]

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