The LinkedIn Submission Problem

The LinkedIn Submission Problem

If you are active on LinkedIn you might sometimes wonder why your submitted posts do not appear in a group, especially if you are new in a group and the moderator wants to verify your submissions before publishing them.

Well the reason might be a bug in the LinkedIn moderation queue.

If you are the owner of a group you probably might have faced this problem from the other side. You see submissions or even requests to join your group but they simply do not appear in your moderation view.

You just see the numbers and that’s it.

I am writing this post because I am not the only one having such issues. There is a discussion group about that and there seem to be lots of group owners complaining about this.

And yes – I already opened a ticket and the answer was something like “We know that problem and we are working on it”. This has been roughly a year ago.

For a system that is offering quite expensive membership plans beside the free plan I think they should be able to fix this basic feature.

The largest group I am owning has >7000 members now and I am unhappy to have to tell them on a regular basis that there are posts and requests to join that I can’t verify.

Maybe it could help to share this post massively to reach someone responsible at LinkedIn to fix this now.