Tyupkin or how to steal cash from an ATM in the smart way

First of all: This is not really new news. Such a malware has appeared in other regions, such as South America already. Search for ploutus or padpin.

Relax: It is not stealing money from a specific (e;g. YOUR) bank account.

Second: It is not a security breach like the around 80 million stolen customer data from the J.P. Morgan bank as we had to read some days ago


But it is always attracting the immediate attention of the diverse media if one can publish something about stealing cash from ATMs without even using a credit or debit card.

Maybe this is the main reason why Kaspersky Lab has named the malware “Tyupkin” and made this news public together with the of course alarming result of their forensic research about hacked or so called rooted ATMs in Europe.

We have to admit that the program has been improved – becoming “better” so this is why this new version of the malware, detected by Kaspersky Lab has been filed under the full name Backdoor.MSIL.Tyupkin.

You can read more details including screenshots here.