It is amazing what we could write about video teller machines

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Use a Video Teller Machine in rural areas to be present as a brand

Bank branches seem to reduce in number during the next decade as researches like the one from Jones Lang LaSalle is showing. Besides growing use of mobile access devices to manage the daily banking business banks lack funds to maintain or open branches. In rural areas this would mean a loss of visibility to the […]

Digital banking and security

Digital banking and security. More digital banking means a higher need for digital security. Do you think banks are ready to manage this? Looking at the recent data breaches I have doubts about that. Sometimes even standard security rules are broken. The Swiss Banque Cantonale de Geneve for example. Why didn’t they simply encrypt the […]

Banque Cantonale de Geneve Leak – Rex Mundi

There is no absolute security in the digital world. A hacker group named “Rex Mundi” has released online data stolen from The Banque Cantonale de Geneve (Switzerland) that refused to pay 10.000 EUR. Last week the banks servers have been hacked by the criminal crew Rex Mundi. Initially they asked for 30.000 EUR to not publish […]

Latest item in gadget banking: The RoboTeller

A bank in Japan (Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ) is planning to create new teller jobs. Well, good news you think? We know that reducing the number of branches is axing a lot of teller jobs so this should be something positive after all. If you are a robot vendor this might make you smile. […]

Will card-less ATM transactions come to mainstream?

More and more banks offer ATM transaction to their customers. A possible scenarion of such a careless withdrawal could be like that: The customers can use a mobile app to preset how much money they want to withdraw from the ATM on future visits. Once they arrive at the ATM, they sign into the mobile banking […]