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You have the possibility to follow us on and even better, you can comment the links or post your own links. You can post texts, if you ask something we will answer you. We will add interesting news from the banking industry in general, not only video teller machines related news. There is an […]

Are you in the UAE? Do you know Sukuk Express?

Well as we know people in the UAE might be richer as the common people living elsewhere on our lovely planet. Rich people sometimes need a gold coin or even a gold bar on-the-fly. Probably you have read about the gold dispensing ATMs in the UAE already. But hey, wait you just wonder what to […]

Retail Bank Branch Transformation Into The Branch Of The Future

      The Video (Virtual) Teller Machines are your best choice if you are in the retail bank branch transformation business. You clients will love the concept. Low cost but high efficiency. Much more than an ATM with added video conferencing. Replace the teller, create a no teller / teller less branch. Omnichannel ready, […]

PayPal Merchants May Now Accept Bitcoin

Interesting move by online payments giant Paypal: As formerly discussed the have gone serious with bitcoin now. PayPal merchants may now accept bitcoin as payment currency. This surely will help the cryptocurrency on the way to be taken more serious and being accepted by an increasing number of businesses. Nevertheless it is not (yet) really […]

Retail Bank Branch – reinvent, transform or close?

The topic is still hot and a buzzword creator. Branch of the future, branch transformation, omnichannel etc. to name only three of them. Even if the concept is old and has been implemented with not too much success in the past (really past not only 2 years or so ago) I think that the time […]