Malware, Ransomware Thrive Despite Criminal Prosecutions

Cybercrime Continues to Surge, Thanks, in Part, to BitcoinsDespite the arrest and conviction of scores of cyber criminals – including members of the Blackhole exploit kit, SpyEye and GameOver Zeus crews – malware and ransomware threats continue to grow. from RSS Syndication via security

The $81M International Cyberheist — What Happened, How and What It Means

New details unearthed about how cybercriminals stole $81 million out of a Bangladesh Bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York provide insight into how the theft occurred, some of the vulnerabilities that were exploited and what banks can learn from the incident. from American Banker via security

Canadian Payments Association moves to ISO 20022

The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) has adopted ISO 20022, as it looks to modernise Canada’s payment system. Gerry Gaetz, president and CEO of the CPA, says ISO 20022 will “enable the Canadian financial community to provide better service, both domestically and across borders, to their customers”. The CPA says recent research indicates that cost savings […]

Capital One Will Triple Its Spending on Branch Optimization in 2016

Capital One is known for being a digital company, and for its celebrity-driven marketing, but it’s also a bank with branches, and those branches need to be updated. CEO Richard Fairbank usually talks about his bank’s digital efforts when he has a good audience, but on yesterday’s earnings call, heRead More from Bank Innovation […]