With Ripple, Seven Banks Test Out the Blockchain

Enterprise blockchain solutions provider Ripple has reached a “tipping point” as bank clients have transitioned from blockchain experimentation to deployment. This week the California-based company announced it is helping seven banks speed and improve their cross-border payments. These aren’t just any seven financial institutions. The addition of the new players place 12 of the top 50 global banks […]

What happens to data after a breach? – ITProPortal

ITProPortal What happens to data after a breach?ITProPortalA report carried out by PwC examining UK data breaches showed that not only had there been a rise in 2015 but that the scale and cost of these breaches had doubled. The report concluded that data breaches, for large business are “a near certainty.”. from breach – […]

Blockchain Groups Gain Momentum in Cross-Border Payments

Real-time international payments are not far over the horizon anymore. San Francisco-based Ripple announced that seven global banks have joined its network to improve their cross-border payments experience. Among the banks are Santander, UniCredit, UBS, ReiseBank, CIBC, National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), and ATB Financial. All of the banks tested transferring moneyRead More from Bank Innovation http://ift.tt/28OT0ED […]

Russian hackers were indeed behind DNC breach, claims another security firm – PCWorld

PCWorld Russian hackers were indeed behind DNC breach, claims another security firmPCWorldOne lone hacker has tried to take credit for the recent breach of the Democratic National Committee, calling it “easy.” But some security researchers aren’t convinced. On Monday, security company Fidelis Cybersecurity came forward, and agreed that …and more » from breach – Google News […]

Ledger Launches Newest Hardware Wallet: Nano S

Blockchain hardware solutions company Ledger announced a new hardware wallet today. A successor to the HW.1 and Unplugged wallets, Ledger’s Nano S differentiates itself by offering a built-in OLED display and by adding protection for Ethereum fund transfers. The Paris-based company created the Nano S after spending 18 months improving the Nano, Ledger’s best-selling product. It connects to any […]

New stock exchange, IEX, to launch in the US

IEX Group gets the green light from the SEC to launch a stock exchange IEX Group has gained approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a stock exchange. IEX will become the 13th official stock exchange in the US. The company has already been operating as a private trading pool, attracting around […]