Digital Banking On Reddit

Digital banking becomes more and more important. Fintech companies for example are often faster as traditional banks when it is coming to create and implement digital banking solutions. We here at think that this important topic deserves a dedicated discussion platform. We have chosen reddit to provide you with a powerful and easy to […]

How difficult (or easy) is it to create an info-bot for your bank?

How it is difficult (or easy) to create info-bot for your bank? Today the answer to the question is clear: it is very simple and straightforward! Currently almost anybody can create info-bot for own bank within just some hours. The biggest part of the time will be used not for programing or script writing but […]

Are you an ATM Field Service Engineer? Then You Should Check This!

    If you are an ATM field service technician / engineer we warmly invite you to visit this subreddit dedicated to ATM field service questions & answers. Click Me! Discuss tricky problems with other techs and together you will probably find a solution. Additionally to this new subreddit there is another group dedicated to […]

Again: #1 on google for

We are happy and proud to occupy the most precious search result position one can get on google (again)! Number one on the first page. And yes, there are a lot of results… We will keep on informing you about the video / virtual banking solutions from GRGBanking and have added our brand-new podcast. Tune-in […]