Bitcoin Vietnam and Coinify launch country’s first blockchain payment processing platform

Bitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd. Vietnam’s first bitcoin exchange and Coinify ApS the market leader in blockchain currency merchant processing officially … from Finextra Research news via IFTTT

Police Raid Suspected Bitcoin Founder’s House

Australian Police Cite Tax Probe, But Has "Satoshi Nakamoto" Finally Been Outed?Australian police have raided the Sydney home of cryptographer and entrepreneur Craig Wright, who’s been named as being the suspected creator of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Has the real "Satoshi Nakamoto" finally been unmasked? via RSS Syndication

PayPal Merchants May Now Accept Bitcoin

Interesting move by online payments giant Paypal: As formerly discussed the have gone serious with bitcoin now. PayPal merchants may now accept bitcoin as payment currency. This surely will help the cryptocurrency on the way to be taken more serious and being accepted by an increasing number of businesses. Nevertheless it is not (yet) really […]